He’s been sounding off in short bursts on Twitter lately, but now Kanye West has sat down for an in-depth interview.

In conversation with American TV personality Charlamagne Tha God (watch below), Kanye opened up on how the infamous “Taylor Swift moment” negatively affected his career, and feeling “helpless” after wife Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris.

West explained that the breakdown which saw him hospitalised in November 2016 was caused by “fear, stress, control, being controlled, manipulation like being a pawn in the chess piece of life … being in competition with so many elements at one time.”

He also attributed it to the trauma of the robbery a month before.

“There’s like, the situation with my wife in Paris, and all of the elements, you’re feeling helpless, like, what can you do?” he said.

“I went to Paris on that trip to protect her but not protect her physically but to just help her with her [outfits],” he explained. “They [waited until] I had left … they were strategising and scheming that for a long time.”

West also admitted he believes the night he stole the mic from Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Music Awards and said Beyonce should have won damaged his career, and is one of the reasons his Saint Pablo album didn’t receive much radio play.

“To put that same amount if not more work into a piece of work and then you [are used to it coming out like Graduation when everything is everywhere, it’s frustrating.

“And really, ever since the Taylor Swift moment, it just, it never, it never had been the same, the connection with radio. It’s like, whatever powers that be, it was much harder after that.”

On top of all that, the 40-year-old said he felt ostracised by the fashion world after his poorly received Yeezy Season 4 fashion show, which saw him show up more than two hours late [he says it was only 45 minutes] leaving guests waiting in the heat on New York’s Roosevelt Island, and models fainting on the runway.

“As soon as I was 45 minutes late, I felt it was the fashion community getting the right to say n***** without saying it,” he said.

“To be like ‘if you get out of line boy we going to roast you’ … it affected me emotionally.

“It’s like all these things were almost set up to put me on meds, to break me down like the robbery.”

The rapper said he is on several medications, but he did not name them.

Kanye has two albums coming out in May.