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There’s scarcely anything more grinding the age-old anecdote of a svelte celebrity discussing their love of burgers or ordering fries mid-interview with a magazine journalist, all the while squeezing into their size 0 J Brands. So it’s somewhat refreshing when one of them admits they work hard and keep strict to stay looking the way they look.


Today it’s our eternal Blue Crush Girl Crush, Kate Bosworth. Speaking to Self magazine, Bosworth revealed the secret behind her physique is applying the 80/20 rule, whereby she restricts wheat, sugar and dairy 80% of the time, favouring fruits, vegetables and lean meats, along with healthy fats and grains.



“One day in my mid-20s it hit me that I can’t have a burger for lunch. I’m going to fall asleep,” she said. Her ‘all things in moderation’ approach applies to exercise too, with the actress doing a little every day. “I had a hard time with my exercise routine because I felt like it had to be an hour, and it had to be really rigorous and intense,” she said. “Then, I realized you can go down and get on the treadmill for 20 minutes, and you’ve done something.” Same Bozzie, same.


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