NEW YORK CITY: Tonight will mark Kendall Jenner’s third Victoria’s Secret runway. Backstage at Pier 94 on the Upper East Side, GRAZIA stopped by the 23-year-old model and reality star’s makeup station at the back of the room.

While hundreds of photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, managers and publicists zoom about the backstage area at a pace that would surely rival Kim Kardashian’s broadband speed, Jenner is quietly sitting on her phone. Her huge almond eyes look up at us as we ask how different she feels this runway compared to her first VS show in 2015. Is she wiser?

“The first time I did [the Victoria’s Secret show], everything was super unexpected,” she admits. “I didn’t really know what to expect or what was going to come. This time around I know a bit more so I can have a bit more fun with it.”

While the fact her famous sisters have not been in the audience at any of the shows has been a tabloid topic, Jenner says her guest list this year still doesn’t include Kim, Khloe or Kourtney. “Some of my friends are coming to the show and they’ll probably tag along which is exciting. I’ve had my friends come and whatever but I’ve never had my sisters come.”

After months of serious training, will she be bee-lining for a New York burger joint? “One thousand percent,” Jenner says, lighting up. “My friends and I are going to our favourite Italian food spot in the city.”

Australia’s first Victoria’s Secret flagship store will open in Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne in late November.