New Year’s Eve served up some epic beauty looks, but none was as major as Kendall Jenner’s lime green eyes.

“Really into green these days šŸ’š Happy New Year!” Jenner captioned the series of images, where she wore a neon green top, big green earrings and lime green eyeliner.

Instead of traditional black or brown, makeup artist May Phillips ran a bright acid green eyeliner along the top lash line, flicking it out slightly at the end. “On that green wave ā˜˜ļøšŸ’š,” she wrote on Instagram, accompanying the statement eyeliner with a set of soft, fluttery lashes. It was the ultimate statement eye; bright and funky with the rest of the look pared-back and luminous.

After wearing the neon hue to the Jenner-Kardashian Christmas Eve extravaganza, it seems Kendall really is into green these days. And with neon having a major moment in the fashion landscape, it’s only fitting Jenner is jumping on board (even in the beauty stakes).

A makeup look we’ll be bookmarking for the summer; make like Kendall Jenner and sub out your boring black for something a little more daring. We’re green with envy, indeed.