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Caitlyn Jenner’s transition is coming back into focus on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, as Khloe shares her conflicted feelings about it for the first time.

In a preview of next week’s episode, Caitlyn goes to Khloe’s house where over wine she confesses to her step daughter she feels they’ve “grown apart” since Caitlyn came out as a trans woman on the cover of Vanity Fair in June 2015.

Khloe admits she felt torn between wanting to be supportive of her father figure of 23 years, but also wanting to “protect” Kris Jenner after Caitlyn made some critical comments about her in the Vanity Fair interview (that she “mistreated” her).

“It was very hard for me to experience a lot of new things so quickly and still feeling like I have to protect my mum and certain things that were happening where I felt like they might not have been the most positive,” Khloe tells Caitlyn.

“But then I was also like, this isn’t even my fight to fight anymore. I have my own sh*t to deal with,” she added, referring to her divorce from Lamar Odom, who it was recently revealed was using drugs in their home.


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Caitlyn tells Khloe she’s struggling not having her in her life as much after “23 years of my life invested in the family and you. Being there when you have good days and bad days and all the things you go through when you’re growing up and sneaking out of the house and I found you and stuff like that.”

Khloe agrees, saying she’s struggled to emotionally come to terms with losing Bruce.


Image: Caitlyn Jenner and Kim Kardashian (via Instagram)

“For me, you’re all I remember, Bruce was,” Khloe admits. “So not having you in my life, it’s a huge blow because I’m like OK, my second dad, this guy that I’ve grown up with, that raised me, was taken away from me, but no one really let me have that.”

The episode airs Monday April 10 – watch the teaser below.