Khloe Kardashian was seen at dinner with Tristan Thompson on the weekend, and now we hear she is indeed giving her unfaithful partner another chance.

As E! News reports, Khloe is determined to make their relationship work for the sake of their young daughter, despite allegations he cheated on her with several women.

“Khloe has given Tristan another chance at their relationship, and is trying to put the pieces back together for the sake of True,” an insider said.

“Although she is crushed by the scandal, Khloe desperately wants things to work and wants to have a complete family.”

“Things are more complicated now that there is a child involved, but it was causing more stress on Khloe by being in limbo with Tristan,” the source continued.

“Khloe decided that the back and forth and indecisiveness on what they were going to do was taking a toll on her. She wants to brush things under the rug and move forward.

“Khloe has a huge heart and once she falls, it’s hard for her to give up on someone she cares deeply about. She has been in a rough spot this past month.”

Somehow, we don’t think Kris Jenner or Kim Kardashian will be happy about this.