Khloe Kardashian has a lot of people, frankly, shook after stepping out wearing a hat printed with the words “Kanye for president”.

Khloe shared several photos of herself in the khaki-coloured cap on Instagram – on her permanent Instagram profile, not just her Stories. In other words, she’s not messing around.

One thing that’s not up for debate is that Khloe looks absolutely fire. But Kardashian’s cap poses some questions:

Is this official merchandise? Is Kanye really going to run for president – something he’s claimed he wants to do on more than one occasion?

If it’s not, where did it come from? Did Kanye have it made and give it to Khloe for Christmas, perhaps? Does Khloe like the hat, or did she wear it out of obligation because Kanye keeps asking if she’s worn the hat and it’s getting awkward?

Could Khloe have been forced to wear the cap against her will? She’s not the kind of woman to be pushed around, but who can say for sure?

Personally, I don’t think Kanye will run for president. He’s already got his hands full with his Yeezy line. But if he does, well, I’ll eat my hat.