Kim Kardashian West is expanding her beauty empire with a tired girl’s best friend – concealer.

Launching March 23, the product is by no means any kind of after-thought, in fact, the multi-step concealing kits have been in the works even before KKW Beauty’s conception some eight months ago, she just hadn’t got the formula right. Testament to Kardashian West’s perfectionism, the product development was a slow and protracted process due to perfecting formula. “More important than reaching a launch date was getting the perfect formulas,” Kardashian West told Allure. For the resolute beauty junkie, skin was also a key factor. “Not only did I want to make sure there were some ingredients to treat the signs of ageing like ceramides and marine collagen, but I also wanted a blendable product that you could really build to achieve that lighter under-eye effect without the concealer creasing.”

We’re not alone in the struggle of creasing concealer (new wrinkles, anyone?) – Kim, it seems, also suffers the curse of drying concealer, and is here is save the day with her new kits. In 16 different shades, first up is the Kardashian West Beauty liquid concealer, which creates a lightweight base, ready for the next step, a colour-correcting setting powder, which comes in shades of white, pink, yellow or bronze, and is designed to be tapped on top of the liquid concealer and diffused with the warmth of the skin. “I let it set in for a few minutes while I do my eye makeup or work on my contour,” she told Vogue.

The last step in her concealing crusade is what Kardashian West describes as her “secret weapon”, tinted brightening powders which function to diminish shadows and reflect light. This multi-purpose final step can also be blended into darker areas of the face – i.e. those perennially darker corners of the lips and between the brows, for example – and ultimately blows out and softens the face with lightness and brightness.

But the concealer kits are not just for the young or beauty-obsessed. Fronting the campaign besides mum and grandma, Kris and M.J. respectively, the kits are said to speak to a varying audience – one that includes those of all ages, colours and ethnicities.

The campaign also features images of women ranging from their 20s to 70s of all skin tones. It’s a strong message of inclusivity and one that Kim was resolute in conveying. “I wanted to show it’s not always about these young, perfect models that are going to look good no matter what,” she says. “We really had to make sure that the concealer worked on different skin types and ages as well, so it was important to show that in the campaign.”