Wedding etiquette can be complex, but there’s one rule everyone can agree on: leave more than enough time to get the ceremony, because you cannot, under any circumstances, be late.

Unless you’re Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, apparently.

When Chance The Rapper married his long-time girlfriend Kirsten Corley in Newport Beach, California on the weekend, he invited his friends/human headlines Kim and Kanye.

But as photos published by the Daily Mail reveal, Kimye didn’t arrive until after the ceremony had already started, so they had to stand off to the side until the couple had said their vows.

Los Angeles traffic is notoriously bad, but still. Can being late to a wedding ceremony be forgiven?

We can only hope Kim and Kanye made up for committing the ultimate wedding faux pas by bringing serious energy to the dance floor at the reception, and giving an epic wedding gift.