The Kardashian-Jenner Christmas card is an annual event many of us, it’s kind of embarrassing to admit, have looked forward to in years past. There’s something about how seriously they take their coordinated outfits we can’t help but admire.

But there will be no Kardashian Christmas card this year. Kim broke the news to E! overnight, admitting the family arguments that erupted last year as a result of trying to get all the Kardashian-Jenners in one room – which was documented in all the explosive details on Keeping Up With The Kardashians – had scarred them for life.

“Last year’s Christmas card, that really did just f*** us over,” she said frankly.

“That was so dramatic.

“Kris Jenner has given up. She just is like, ‘I don’t have the energy to wrangle all my kids anymore, and their kids,” Kim explained.

“[After last year] I think everyone was like, ‘we’re never doing this again’”.

It’s the end of an era. But we’ve got a feeling this Christmas won’t be completely Kardashian-free. Kim and Kanye posed for their own West family portrait last year, and if we know anything about Kimye, it’s that they never miss a publicity opportunity, or a chance to show off how ridiculously good-looking their family is.

Watch this space.