Last week, when Ellen DeGeneres asked Kim Kardashian what she thought about Tristan Thompson cheating on her sister Khloe, she didn’t hold back.

But in recent days it’s become evident Khloe wants to stay with Tristan, and so it seems Kim is being more careful what she says about her virtual brother-in-law.

In a preview of Kim’s new interview with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest, she hints that Tristan blocked her online after she said what he did was “so f***ed up”.

“Last time I went on TV and answered some questions about her, I got blocked on social media,” Kim told Kelly and Ryan. “And not from Khloé. No, no, no.”

When Ryan asked if Kim was “rooting for Khloe and Tristan”, she replied:

“Khloé is so focused on her baby. The baby is gorgeous. She’s so happy. I’m always rooting for her, for love. I’m always rooting for families.”

In other words, read between the lines.

Kim’s full interview with Kelly and Ryan airs tomorrow.

Yesterday, Tristan gave his first interview since the scandal. He played the family man card, gushing about True and revealing his hopes for more kids with Khloe.

It seems Khloe and Tristan are staying together for True – for now, at least.