Kim Kardashian drove husband Kanye West to a Los Angeles hospital emergency room over the weekend, it’s been revealed.

Page Six reports they made the visit so Kanye could receive treatment for the flu.

TMZ caught the couple leaving the hospital; the rapper kept a hoodie pulled over his head to conceal his face as they got in their car. Understandable, really – who would want to be photographed looking like death warmed up?

Kanye has been tweeting about suffering from sinus headaches recently.

“Whenever you’re feeling down bored irritated or disgruntled just say… thank god I don’t have a sinus headache … they feel like the episode of black mirror when the bee went into the guys ear,” he wrote on July 14.

The next day, he added: “I had a sinus headache on a flight once and I got a f***ing cat scan after because it was so bad.”

Get well soon, Kanye.