Kim Kardashian has never been afraid of showing off her body. From near-nude photoshoots to immortalising that famous derrière in fragrance, she’s embraced it – curves and all. And this time, she is sending a strong message about the bodies of others.

Kardashian uploaded a series of images to her Twitter account and Instagram Story over the weekend, depicting naked women of all sizes and colours. There were white women, black women, women with stretch marks, cellulite, even rolls of fat. It was telling, to say the least, but is it truly sending a message of body inclusivity and diversity?

Never one to shy from an attention-seeking publicity stunt, these images must be met with a certain amount of scepticism. Following the backlash of last year’s campaign, where Kardashian assumed similar positions and posed nude, one must wonder whether this is just to appease the critics (who called her out for setting unrealistic body expectations). Couple this with the fact these bodies are diametrically opposed to the body Kardashian herself promotes – heavily sculpted and unnatural – and the new campaign can be deemed a lesson in irony and incongruity.

An obvious attempt at body-positivity, the images are a well-calculated teaser of what’s to come: a brand new KKW fragrance.

Irrespective of which side of the fence you sit on, one thing is for certain: the images most definitely command your attention. And for a Kardashian, that’s the most important thing.