Kosrae Nautilus Resort on the Micronesian island of Kosrae is up for grabs
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If you’re in the market for a personal brand overhaul and don’t hate the thought of at wiling away the remainder of your foreseeable future on a tropical island, then the following might be of interest to you. 

An Australian family – for whom the considerable novelty of living on a tropical island has evidently worn off – are offering their resort as first prize in a once-in-a-lifetime raffle to be drawn on July 26. Tickets are $66.

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Credit: Supplied
It’s the meat tray to end all meat trays: a three acre, waterfront island resort, the Kosrae Nautilus Resort and its affiliated scuba diving business, located in the Western Pacific Ocean region of Micronesia, 643km north of the equator.

The resort is being raffled off by a Gold Coast couple, Doug and Sally Beitz, who made the move after falling in love with the island when they first saw it on a travel show. Having raised a family on the island, they intend to move back to Australia and pass the resort on to someone with the same passion for the preservation of paradise and not necessarily “the person with the deepest pockets”.

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“The resort and scuba business is debt-free, profitable and staffed by 16 long term employees,” says Doug of his island home.

“We’ve recently had a US Government department book 10 of the 18 rooms until August 2017. The resort has always been popular with divers and vacationers, but this is great news for the winner, since it means their grand prize comes with a minimum of 55% occupancy. So whether the winner chooses to run the operation themselves, or simply have a manager run things on their behalf, the prize offers an ongoing income.”

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