Kris Jenner is trying to appear neutral when it comes to Tristan Thompson.

The momajer cried about Tristan cheating on Khloe when she appeared on The Ellen Show last month. But as Khloe stands by her man, it appears Kris is trying to walk the straight and narrow when asked about the situation.

“I think you just have to be there for your kid and follow their lead,” she told E News! when asked about her daughter’s relationship overnight.

“I’m not in that relationship or in that situation, so I really trust Khloe. She’s so smart and such a great girl and she’ll figure it out.”

But Jenner is still counting the days until Khloe moves back to LA from Cleveland, as recently reported.

“When [Khloe] comes back [to Los Angeles] I’ll be thrilled!” Kris said.

“Of course. I miss her…I need to get my hands on that little True. But I’ve been there a couple times getting my fill, and we FaceTime every day so it’s a lot of fun.”

It’s unclear exactly when Khloe plans to relocate, and what that means for her relationship with Tristan. To be continued.