Kylie Jenner – master beauty chameleon – has dyed her hair pink.

Fast becoming the ultimate go-to girl for evolving beauty looks, the billionaire beauty mogul has taken a soft, bubblegum pink tint through her previously peroxide ends, or rather, her hair colourist Chris Appleton has. Sharing the colourful journey through Instagram (of course), both Kylie and Chris documented the pink transformation with a series of sexy, very pink pictures.

“Think pink 💖 LOVE this pink we did on @kyliejenner ,” Appleton captioned the above. Posing against pink-washed drapes, Kylie’s new bubblegum strands were pulled back into a ’90s twisted bun with the exception of a few loose tendrils which framed her face.

Keeping up with Kylie’s hair seems a full time job in itself; she has been everything from jungle green to highlighter yellow, with her hair and its colour forever a beauty talking point. Previous to becoming a pink lady, the youngest Jenner had bleached-out peroxide strands, which, as it were, is the perfect colour to facilitate any kind of colourful dye-job. That and some Olaplex, which Appleton invariably has by his side before any colour change. “Always have my @olaplex on hand during the color process 🙌🏽,” he wrote on Instagram.

To achieve this frosty pink, Appleton added Olaplex’s No.1 Bond Multiplier during the colour process, which actively protects and rebuilds hair during colouring by creating bonds. For the colour itself, it was actually a clever combination of two, semi-permanent tints – Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Tint in Kawaii and Bunny. “To get the look I was super gentle on the hair and used @limecrimemakeup Unicorn Hair Tint in Kawaii and Bunny and used Lime Crime’s Dilute Hair Mixer to make a super soft frosted pink,” Appleton added.

Making for a dreamy, creamy colour, Appleton’s muted-down, semi-permanent pink is the perfect way to approach playful hair colour. Coming in at only $22 AUD, it’s also totally affordable. Just make sure you have your Olaplex handy.

Pink ladies for the win.