Kylie Jenner has been given the honour of covering Forbes magazine’s “richest self-made women issue”, pictured on the front in a blazer and I-mean-business bun.

The magazine lauds Jenner, 21, as a “$900 million cosmetics queen,” predicting she’ll soon be America’s youngest ever self-made billionaire. She comes it at no. 26 on the list.

There’s no question Kylie works hard to create cosmetics, such as her lip-kits, and leverages her social media power to ensure they sell out fast, sometimes in minutes.

But is she really self-made? don’t think so. The website shared a tongue-in-cheek tweet soon after the announcement, noting the definition of “self-made”:

“Self-made means having succeeded in life unaided.”

Kylie had and continues to use the platform of one of Hollywood’s most famous, influential and wealthy families from which to launch her products, and has been on TV since she was 10.

Not saying she doesn’t work hard. But “self-made”? Not everyone agrees.

Still, the mother of Stormi, five months old, isn’t letting the criticism get to her.

She shared the cover on Instagram with the caption:

“Thank you for this article and the recognition. I’m so blessed to do what I love every day. I couldn’t have dreamt this up!”