In another episode of amazing Hollywood Halloween transformations, Kylie Jenner has morphed into a real-life Barbie – toy box and all.

The makeup mogul and reality TV star transformed into the Mattel doll, posing for a series of very pink, very plastic photos which she aired on Instagram.

Shot by photographer Greg Swales, the images bore an uncanny resemblance to the iconic doll, and her initial reference of Barbie in a hot pink, one-shouldered swimsuit (which was custom-made for her by designer Bryan Hearns).

All the classic Barbie tropes were there: the platinum blonde blow-out, the sparkling blue eyes, the pink lipstick, the airbrushed skin, the unnatural body proportions, Kylie Jenner truly became a walking, talking, breathing Barbie.

She even paid tribute to the 25th anniversary Totally HairTM Barbie, wearing a near-identical geometric body-con dress and the same Rapunzel-like blonde perm, and incorporated some of Barbie’s favourite toys, including a shiny hot pink Ferrari.

And whilst the obvious focus was hair for Totally HairTM Barbie, Jenner’s rendition of a pink eye was equally spectacular: smoked out towards the brown bone and shaded all the way under the eye in a cocktail of dolly pinks, it was an eye look to rival Barbie herself.

For Jenner, who is already a kind of IRL Barbie and openly champions the plastic life (need we remind you of her before cosmetic surgery), the costume is an apt one, and one that isn’t unlike her day-to-day look. The social shock-value hasn’t stemmed from her outfit and beauty so to speak, but rather the production of it all (the life-size box, the pink Ferrari, the costume designer, etc). And of course, the boxed-up Barbie thing has been done before, with Beyonce doing it in 2016 (sparking some rather critical comparisons).

Nonetheless, Jenner makes a bang-on Barbie. Come on Kylie, let’s go Party!