A Star Is Born – Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s new film – has reached fever pitch in the United States. To heighten the hysteria surrounding the sky-high billboards in New York’s Time’s Square and ahead of its US release on October 5, the stars released their single duet Shallow, a soaring ballad Gaga, 32, wrote for the film with her Joanne collaborator Mark Ronson.

“It’s such a special song,” she told Apple Music Beats 1 host Zane Lowe. “It’s two people talking to each other and talking about the need and the drive to dive in to the deep end and stay away from the shallow area. The singing that you’ll hear on the soundtrack, as well as what’s in the movie, is all live. We sang everything live every time. There’s no lip-synching in this film.”

A music video was also released at the same time with unseen scenes from the film. A Star Is Born chronicles the tale of a semi-washed-up musician named Jackson Maine (Cooper) who helps a young, ingénue singer (Gaga) find fame. It’s an experience Gaga has said was so removed from her own, the singer remembers lugging her suitcase around New York City as a struggling musician and putting on fake accents on the phone in an effort to get club managers to book her. Critics are raving about Gaga’s performance.

“I just feel so overwhelmed with gratitude, and I feel so humbled to be a part of this film,” the Grammy winning singer said. “It’s been an incredible experience, and Bradley Cooper is just such an incredible filmmaker, an incredible actor, producer, screenplay writer, songwriter. I mean, I watched him become a musician before my eyes, and I just loved singing with him. I love his voice.”

“With Bradley, he just sings from his soul and he knows how to tell a story when he’s singing and I heard it right away,” she continued. “I knew in that moment … this man knows how to be a rock star.”

Gaga recently told Ellen DeGeneres she dyed her hair back to platinum blonde the night the film wrapped shooting. “I wanted to get out of it as soon as possible because there is … some tremendous emotion and tragedy.”

A Star Is Born is in Australian cinemas October 18.