If only all exes were as amicably respectful and supportive as Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga. It’s been two years since the former couple broke up but both remain each other’s life enthusiasts.

The Chicago Fire actor, 37, spoke so highly of his former lover when asked about her rising success as a first-time actress in new film A Star Is Born. Not only did the popstar and songwriter receive rave reviews from critics after its opening weekend in America (and spurred talk of the film’s potential Oscar nomination), Kinney also weighed in with praise. “I’ll tell you that I’m really proud. I don’t know. It’s watching someone live their dream, so, continued success and I hope it keeps climbing,” he told Entertainment Tonight when asked about his famous ex. “The sky is the limit.”

He also said he wasn’t surprised she was absolutely killing it in her career, especially in the realm of acting in which this Bradley Cooper-directed film is her debut. “No, there was no glass ceiling. Ever! She’s always inspiring and I really do – I hope it does really well, and I know it’ll mean the world to her that I think everybody is receptive and yeah, I wish her the best.”

Kinney and Gaga called time on their engagement in July 2016 after five years together. It seemed at the time they were just taking a break and asked for everybody to root for them. Gaga has been in a relationship with talent agent Christina Carino since January 2017.

A Star Is Born is in Australian cinemas October 18.