It’s hard to continually reinvent black eyeliner. The forever beauty fixture has the tendency to grow stale; a flick here, a flick there; it can all be a bit boring. To truly master a great winged eye, reinvention is the recipe to its success, and when it’s good – and interesting – it’s really good. Take Erdem’s show in London today, which served as a lesson of exceptional eye calligraphy.

With calligraphic-like precision, Val Garland gave the winged eye some new wings, painting perfect black swoops at Erdem’s expensive show. Like beautiful half-moons, they sat like halos around model eyes, swallowing up the entire lid with bold block colour.

After tracing a crescent shape with thick black eyeliner, Garland then used a small, flat brush to fill in the entire socket with an inky shadow. Buffing it through the socket, she even blurred the outer edge ever so slightly keeping its borders opaque. A final tidy with a wet Q-tip, and the dramatic look was complete.

Beneath a veil of noir netting, Garland’s winged eye rose with theatre. A revival of sorts, Erdem’s adaptation was as smokey as it was spectacular, as simple as it was striking. A reminder that even an old trick can be cast anew, and be beautiful all the same.