Some send flowers. Others, chocolate. Or for the old world romantic, a love letter. But if you truly want to touch our hearts on Valentine’s Day, you need to get under skin. Or at least on top.

In beauty, there is no greater love letter than fragrance. It’s love-evoking, soul-touching, memory-making magic. We all remember the smell of the first boy we kissed (most likely Tommy Hilfiger’s, Tommy). Or the scent of our mother; warming, powdery, whole. Even friendship kindles a certain kind of scent; the smell of sisterhood eternal. It brings us joy of the purest form, and Dior have captured this beautifully.

JOY by Dior is their love letter. Sandalwood and musk, rose and jasmine, mandarin and bergamot; it’s an olfactory cacophony of love. With every mist, a new memory is made. It could be with a new lover. An old sweetheart. A best friend. A brother. That’s the beauty of it; it could be anything, with anyone. Sensory souvenirs to savour; gulp it in, and smell the JOY. There’s nothing quite like it.