The glitter lip had long been reserved for editorial purposes only, until Gigi Hadid stomped down the runway for Fendi in 2016 with a pout painted in molten bronze sequins. It infiltrated to the masses – a shimmer lipstick here, a dusting of holographic sparkle there. Now, MAC Cosmetics have gone and up’d the ante, launching actual crystals you can lace your pout with.

As part of its Christmas collection, the star studs come as a pair of lip adornments – one for the bottom, and one for the top – in gold and silver crystals. They have an art deco feel, and the nod to nouveau disco is perfect for party season. It’s even a little reminiscent of the crystal decals we saw at Schiaparelli during haute couture week back in June: a surreal makeup fantasy.

As far as the decals go, there are no rules in regards to lip colour. Add them to a bare pout, baby pink, vivid red, or deep, metallic purple for something eccentric. They’re adhesive, so chances are they’ll stick to any formula or finish your heart desires.

MAC Cosmetics Star Studs, $20. SHOP NOW