Margot Robbie is one of the hottest stars in Hollywood, but apparently she’ll always be a country Queensland girl at heart.

In a new interview with the Daily Telegraph, the Mary, Queen of Scots actress admitted she still hasn’t fully adjusted to being world-famous.

“Public notoriety has changed my life in different ways. It’s very weird and it gets a little weirder all the time, but that’s okay,” she said.

“It’s strange. There’s no other word for it, really.”

Robbie, currently on holiday in Finland with husband Tom Ackerley, said despite her surreal life and busy schedule, she still finds time to be a normal person.

“Don’t worry. I don’t feel robbed of my twenties. I still find time to be a 28-year-old!”

Margot missed out on a nomination in this year’s Golden Globes, happening on Monday afternoon AEST. But her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I opposite Saorsie Ronan in Mary, Queen of Scots did earn her a Screen Actors Guild Award.

The SAG nomination means Margot isn’t out of the race for an Oscar nomination yet.