Acclaimed actress and producer Margot Robbie has proven persistence can pay off. According to Deadline, the 27-year-old pushed for a female to direct the upcoming Suicide Squad spin-off Birds Of Prey and today, it was announced filmmaker Cathy Yan will be at its helm.

“[Robbie] held a firm desire for this film to be directed by a woman,” Deadline reports. Yan will join Patty Jenkins in the Warner Bros. stable as one of just three female directors to enter the superhero era. Robbie is renowned for her insistence in getting what she wants in Hollywood. When first starting out, she reportedly talked directors into casting her – most were sceptical given she wasn’t a household name at the time – but since she had just wrapped The Wolf Of Wall Street, she convinced them they would regret it if they didn’t give her the parts she wanted. She was right, her star rose exponentially overnight playing Jordan Belfort’s wife Naomi opposite Leonardo DiCaprio.

Birds Of Prey is based on Robbie’s Harley Quinn characters and follows fellow superhero characters Black Canary, Batgirl and Huntress.