Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia – known colloquially as MBFWA, an ungainly mouthful of an acronym IMHO – is a fascinating anthropological study in extremes.

The hypothesis: what happens when you put an entire industry notorious (and often unfairly characterised) for its fickle and myopic folk through a high pressure ringer that deprives them of sleep, nutrition and perspective? 

The results: five exhilarating and exhausting days that are liberally embellished with world class hyperbole the likes of which haven’t been seen since September 9, 2008 – the date on which The Rachel Zoe Project first aired.

Forged in the crucible of Fashion Week, here are #literally the best #overheards we’ve been privy to over the last two and a half days. With three days to go, you can expect things to get a lot more interesting from here on in.

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Tile image: Tumblr
Cover image: Sonny Vandevelde