Backstate at Hansen & Gretel Resort 2018
Credit: Getty Images

Look at fashion brand Hansen & Gretel’s Instagram and you’ll see a stream of models in pared back neutral pieces peppered with the (more than) occasional regrammed snap of Mimi Elashiry, who’s clearly a muse-slash-fan.

The social-savvy ballerina was front row at the brand’s MBFWA 2017 runway showcase today, but that’s where the similarities to its social media account ended, because designer Ainsley Hansen was one designer who properly read the ‘Resort Collection’ brief before embarking on her inagural fashion week show.

Every fresh model entrance saw editors and bloggers wildly swiping through their emoji libraries as they snapped and storied their way through the show: first the leopard, then the hibiscus, palm tree, chequered flag (gigham, geddit?), bikini and even the red ‘dancing lady’, just because we could.

Credit: Getty Images

And isn’t that exactly what sun-chaser holiday dressing should be? Light-hearted, frivolous and a little bit luxe all of which are apt descriptors for this up-beat new range which drops for the most part in October, sans a capsule of six pieces that were released same time as the show for impatient enthusiasts via David Jones.

GRAZIA’s Fashion Director Charlotte Stokes waxed lyrical about the show being her favourite of the full-scheduled day. Yours truly made a note in her diary to check the DJs website tonight, because it’s never the wrong season to wear a satin leopard-print slip in fashion-land. 

View the Hansen & Gretel Resort 2018 collection in full here.

Credit: Getty Images