While some Korean beauty imports were easier to adopt (sheet masks, cushion compacts and souped-up essences are now a solid part of many a beauty regime), the 10-step skincare routines made famous by the K-beauty phenomenon often proved a tad overwhelming. Layers of serum and balm bordered on laborious for many, while back-to-back mists, masks and moisturisers overwhelmed the complexions (and bank accounts) of others.

But ‘skip-care,’ the latest buzzy, Seoul-originating skincare trend, caters to those who’d choose a snooze button over serums. ‘Skip-care’ is about streamlining your skincare, getting Marie Kondo on your routine and ditching steps that don’t spark complexion joy. As a result of this sudden pared-back stance, we’ve seen an emergence of powerful and potent hybrid products that do it all without sacrificing efficacy. Leading the charge is the new Dermalogica Prisma Protect SPF15, a multitasking cream that offers sun and environmental protection, plus hydration and radiance in one.

First off, the formula offers broad spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays and its light-activated technology works at a deeper level to boost luminosity. Meanwhile, antioxidant-rich Japanese matcha tea extracts protect against environmental aggressors and pollution, two skin enemies gaining ground thanks to our increasingly urban lifestyles.

Because protection isn’t enough for picky ‘skip-care’ converts, Prisma Protect SPF15 also hydrates and smooths the skin like a moisturiser. Blending anti-humectants with bioferment from sage, each application reduces inflammation to fight pigmentation and promote an even complexion.

Ever the overachiever, the active ingredients that power this next-gen formula are encapsulated within ‘intelligent drones’, which help to penetrate them deeper into the skin delivering them where they’re needed most. Plus, this vegan, gluten and paraben-free formula contains no artificial colours and is completely cruelty-free. Essentially, it’s a skip-carer’s dream.

Let there be light – the Dermalogica kind.

Dermalogica Prisma Protect SPF15, $98. shop now