For Prince Harry, Royal tradition is quite literally in his blood. For his new wife however, The Duchess Of Sussex Meghan Markle, she is still learning the rules when it comes to curtsies and corgis. In a new video taken at the Queen’s birthday celebration at the weekend (known as Trooping The Colour), we get a glimpse into the moment Prince Harry schools Markle on what to do.

Standing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, a spot we haven’t yet seen Markle stand, the pair are anticipating the arrival of the Queen. The 36-year-old Duchess knows she has to curtsy, she’s just not sure when. And, with the knowledge of cameras on them – a feed which is sent across the world – Markle, while still looking straight forward, seems to ask a quick, “Do it?” to her husband. Prince Harry bows his head and mutters “Yes” under his breath, a beautiful example of the couple working as a, as Harry puts it, “team”.