No matter who you were getting married to, would you enforce a pre-nup if you were worth $25 million? It appears Prince Harry is following in the steps of his big brother William and not asking fiancé Meghan Markle to sign a pre-nup ahead of their May 19 wedding at Windsor Castle. Markle will also reportedly follow suit (excuse the pun).

“Historically, members of the royal family have not had [pre-nups],” royal author Ingrid Seward told PEOPLE. “They are more popular in the United States —it’s just not a British thing.” It should also be noted as the prince’s money is predominantly in a trust fund, it has another layer of protection in the event of a divorce. Markle too made as much as US$50 000 by the end of season seven of Suits in which she starred as para-legal Rachel Zane.

Markle and the prince live rent free in their Nottingham Cottage at Kensington palace. And while Markle’s wardrobe might be costing her at the moment (Royals do not accept free garments for events), once married she will be privy to a fund for that as well.

Now onto the wedding cake. It has been announced early this morning that instead of a traditional fruit cake, the bride and groom have ordered a lemon elderflower cake and have employed Californian pastry chef Claire Ptak to do the duties, Kensington Palace reports. Cue lots of buttercream and fresh flowers.