It appears Meghan Markle is still unable to trust her family, after her brother Thomas Markle Jr gave yet another interview slamming his royal sister.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Meghan’s half-brother placed the blame on her husband Prince Harry, saying if it wasn’t for him the family wouldn’t be warring.

“Since Hollywood and being on that show [Suits] —being a celebrity has changed her,” he said.

“Maybe she feels she is above everybody, maybe even more now. But if she wasn’t with Prince Harry right now—even if she was still on Suits right now—she would have stopped what she was doing to go and visit [Dad] and make sure he’s ok.”

He’s not the first Markle to take aim at Meghan’s new husband. Her father Thomas Markle, who the Duchess has reportedly not spoken to since just before the royal wedding, also antagonised the Prince in a recent interview.

“I don’t care if Harry never speaks to me again, I’ll survive,” he told the UK’s Express of his son-in-law.

In other recent media interviews, he also compared the royal family to scientologists and even took a swing at Queen Elizabeth for meeting with US President Donald Trump, but not him.

One is not amused.