Oprah Winfrey recently revealed that Meghan Markle doesn’t read any articles written about her, but somehow we doubt she’ll be able to avoid this news.

The Duchess of Sussex’s estranged sister Samantha Markle has announced she’s releasing her book about Meghan in two parts, the first half due “at the end of April” – in other words, right when Meghan and Harry are expecting their first child.

It gets better – by which I mean much, much worse. Samantha intends to release the second part of the book at the end of July. Meghan’s birthday is August 4.

In other words, Samantha is capitalising on increased attention around Meghan at certain times of the year to promote a book which will trash her and reveal details of her past and private life. Nice.

Despite all the hideous things Samantha has said in public about her famous half-sister, she told The Sun that In The Shadow of the Duchess, her memoir of her relationship with Meghan, won’t be negative.

“It is an honest warm and witty and heartfelt memoir,” Samantha said.

“Not a negative pamphlet. (But) all positive? Subjective, I suppose, but most intelligent and reasonable people will like it.

“Let’s just say the nasty gossip about her on the internet is negative and by comparison my book is not. People seem to want dirt. My book is not dirt … but it’s not fluff either.”

Meghan will soon have her hands too full to worry about the book – she and Prince Harry are expecting the birth of their first child in the coming weeks.