LONDON, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 25: Meghan, Duchess of Sussex opens the ‘Oceania’ Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts on September 25, 2018 in London, England. ‘Oceania’ is the first-ever major survey of Oceanic art to be held in the United Kingdom. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Meghan Markle’s sister, Samantha, became locked in a stand-off with Kensington Palace police guards after she tried to visit the Duchess. The 53-year-old arrived in London two weeks ago and reportedly tried to speak to her estranged half-sister whom she has not seen in more than a decade. Instead, she was encouraged to leave a note with the guards to pass onto Markle.

“This was a huge move on the part of Meghan’s sister to try to see her face to face and the fact she was turned away speaks volumes,” a source told The Sunday Mirror. Markle then tweeted the link to this newspaper article with the caption “Everybody would love to know what’s in that letter.”

Samantha had arrived unannounced and was in a wheelchair. She has multiple sclerosis. Afterwards, she was spotted souvenir shopping, her latest purchase some Meghan and Harry masks.

There have been so many attempts to publicly shame the new Duchess; a tell-all book, staged paparazzi photos, television interviews. While Samantha was in the UK, she appeared on Jeremy Vine’s Channel 5 show. “I would just say that there’s so much water under the bridge and so much has spun out of control that was never intended to,” she said.

“I think everybody was hurt at not being included or invited to the wedding. I felt it could’ve all been nipped in the bud had everyone been included and we all agreed to move forward with positive resolve. The hurt feelings wouldn’t have snowballed but, believe it or not, it doesn’t mean we don’t love you any less. I just think that families can be this way when there’s confusion and when people are hurt. So moving forward I apologise and I wish things could be different.”