When it comes to a fine-tuned fitness routine, look no further then the select elite group of super models that have exercise down to a formula. What was once confined to a one-on-one sacred partnership between personal trainer and client, is now available on-demand as we all collectively clamour for the #fitspo life. 

While not all of us have access to the best and brightest fitness experts that money can buy, with this democratisation of fitness, or timeline fodder to some – after all what is one man’s prized salad and acai bowl, is another’s sickly sweet monster shake, it does mean that we have an unprecedented abundance of inspiration and motivation (see: Constance Jablonski’s abs) at our very fingertips.

As journalists of the people, and for the people, we’ve compiled the ultimate at-home guide on how to get sculpted abs, back, and toned arms courtesy of Karlie Kloss, Hailey Baldwin, Jasmine Tookes, and more, from our phones to yours.

Joan Smalls – Add a one minute round of ‘battle ropes’ to increase your heart rate and tone arms. The easy addition to your circuit workout will get your biceps looking hot, hot, hot, come singlet season.


Sara Sampaio
For all-over body conditioning, developing a circuit routine that incorporates cardio, and target-ed strength exercises is the best way to tone all-over, and diminish body fat. Here the VS angel, opts for concurrent arm and leg lifts (much harder than how Sampaio makes it looks), with boxing, box jumps, side planks, kettle ball exercises, chair lifts, rowing and mountain climbers.

Jasmine Tookes 
If you subscribe to a gym membership, take full advantage of the specialist equipment on offer so you can target specific areas that you want to tone. Don’t know what you’re doing? Don’t let yourself get intimidated, and ask a professional.

Constance Jablonski
When it comes to reformer pilates, the age-old adage goes… no pain, no gain, as demonstrated by the French model with abs of steel. Try and look away, we dare you.

Suki Waterhouse
Proof that not all sweat sessions need to be a serious affair, grab a friend and hit the gym for a workout and catchup in one. 

Stella Maxwell
Whether you’re still trying to perfect your downward dog, or are a next-level yogi like VS angel Stella Maxwell, look to a yoga routine to customise your level of difficulty and tone, sculpt, stretch, and rejuvenate your body.


JOurdan Dunn
Take your squat potential to the next level with the use of a resistance band.

Hailey Baldwin
A move made to retrain ankle stability and your body’s sense of balance. To get similar results sans the equipment at home, try balance on one foot with your eyes closed.

Luma Grothe
The Brazilian model behind the Paco Robanne and L’Oreal Paris campaigns strengthens and tones with lower body lifts.

Karlie Kloss 
The model turned tech-entrepreneur is a regular with the Insta-fit selfie, with a new edition delivered to the web every Friday. Kloss keeps it fresh with a variety of workouts, utilises a variety of workFor example, here’s one of Kloss in the water, which provides a great joint-friendly cardio workout.

… and heres another one of her with a trusty skipping rope for good measure

… and another doing toe touches with a trusty medicine ball which intensifies your core workout.

Liu Wen
The Chinese model gets her Victoria’s Secret approved abs by planking – one of the most effective, and easiest exercises to get that six-pack.

Taylor Hill
For a classic toning session that’ll leave you blissed out and in a state of utter zen, look no further then yoga.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 
The British model balances her body and mind in Queenstown, New Zealand with a picturesque nature hike.

Lily Aldridge
Proof that cardio isn’t the only exercise that breaks a stretch, barre classes increase flexibility and strength, working out muscles you didn’t even know you had.

Adriana Lima
Giving us equal bouts of major ab envy, Lima is the definition of #goals while proving that training is always more fun with friends doing bicep curls with fellow VS models.