For French beauty house Guerlain, luxury is intrinsic. Purveyors of all things palatial, the brand is synonymous with luxury, and has been since 1870; the year the first Guerlain bullet lipstick launched, Ne M’Oubliez Pas.

Along the way, there has been many a stylish tweak; a shade update here, a bevelled edge there, culminating in the first ever luxury jewel lipstick with an integrated double mirror, Rouge G. Under the artistic direction of Olivier Echaudemaison, the lipstick case – typically paltry and plain – was crafted like a precious jewel by famous jeweller Lorenz Bäumer; a thing of true beauty.

It was the stylish girl’s lipstick. One who not only had diamonds, but lipstick as her best friend.

But the most stylish turn of them all? The new Rouge G; a bespoke, refillable lipstick in 27 shades with 15 ultra-chic case designs to choose from. It’s beauty, customised. For those with sartorial sensibilities (and like to be seen), it’s the ultimate piece for the lover of both fashion and makeup.

When it comes to choosing your case, it’s all about individuality and customisation. Still searching for that pot of gold? Choose Parure Gold – a true yellow gold which will tie in beautifully to trendy gilded trinkets, or see the world through Romantic Bohème’s rose gold-tinted lens – a case so shiny you truly will see the world as you pass by (cute boys, new handbags, all the important stuff).

Or if your inclination is slightly more free-spirited and nomadic, embrace the print party. Like to wander? Become a Gypsy Folk with cherry and pink liberty. If you prefer to stay in one place, take a trip to Paris; hike up (or down) your dotted stockings like a French Mademoiselle – ooh-la-la! Kitsch and Kawaii more your vibe? Jump ship to Very Batik – Kawaii done the Guerlain way – chic. Or for those with minimalistic intentions, choose marble; Minimal Chic white or Neo-Gothic black, always.

If your vibe is a little more pop than posh, go pink (of course). K-Doll renders any wrong girly tendencies right; powdery pink, supremely glossy and very millennial. But if you prefer your pink with more punch, it’s all about Neon-Insta – girly with guts.

And for the sophisticated style-setter, go hell for leather. Ivory for those who are Preppy Chic, Perfect Black for the cool cats, and Miami Glam for the show ponies (who still crusade for class). Feel like a trip to the wild? Celebrate in crocodile style with Wild Jungle, or follow the path of the python and go on an Exotic Safari.

But for the OG trend-setter, it’s Original all the way. Sleek, sublime and so very chic, it’s sophistication personified (or lipstick-fied).

A case for every mood, every style, every woman. How do you like your Guerlain beauty served? With a side of fashion and art, of course.

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