If there’s one person we’re eternally looking to for beauty inspiration, it’s Violette. The French-born, Global Beauty Director for Estée Lauder is the personification of what the millennials call #makeupgoals, touting a playful, puckish version of French Girl beauty. From stains to stripes, her Instagram feed is a source of endless inspiration, a colour-coded wonderland of foil lids, foliage and Fauvism. Amid the silver liner and sticky cherry lacquer, there’s Rothko and Rodin, Ronan Bouroullec and Matisse, Willi Baumeister and John Zabawa. For Violette, makeup is art; “painting lips like painting a canvas,” as she explores femininity and identity through beauty. And now, that beautiful joie de vivre comes to life in the form of palette and paint-on liquid lipstick, with a new makeup  collaboration with Estée Lauder.

Oh Naturelle! is a collection designed to evoke the feeling of silky, barely-there lingerie on the skin. At its core, the limited-edition makeup collection plays on a colour palette that will flatter all skin tones; universally complimentary shades that are both sexy and soft, flawless and flirtatious. There’s delicate shades of blush, deeper reds and the ultimate nudes, with Violette’s intention to inspire every woman to go bare in her own way. “For the Oh Naturelle! Collection, I wanted to create essential nudes for every woman to enhance and celebrate her beauty and femininity,” she explains. “The collection’s soft shades, pearlescent finishes and luxurious textures were created to inspire all women to “get undressed” with their makeup and let their natural beauty shine through.”

For face and eyes, there’s the Oh Naturelle! 8 Pan Face & Eye Palette; a multipurpose palette to make you both blush and glow.

The Oh Naturelle! 15 Pan Eyeshadow Palette is a dedicated eyeshadow palette, which highlight, deepen and accentuate the windows to your soul in deep caramels, rich reds and soft butter-creams.

Then for lips, the Pure Color Envy Paint-On Liquid Lip Color; four must-have nude mattes to complement all skin tones. Weightless and silky, this is the crème de la creme of matte nude lips.

If one lick of Oh La La Paint-On Liquid Lip and a sweeping of satin shimmer from the 8 Pan Face & Eye Palette makes us just that little bit more like Violette, we’re happy with that. Just add a beret, baguette and breton stripe…et voilà! We’re French. (Almost).

Shop the estée lauder Oh Naturelle! collection here.