Photography: Shot exclusively for GRAZIA by Zach Vickers

Striking should resemble pouring a glass of water. Recoil fists back to the face to protect it. Drive your hips as you pivot. Feet should remain the same length apart for stability. The transfer of weight between your legs should be swift. Find space. Long arms. Elbows down. Focus. 2,1; 2,2,1; 1,2; 2,2,1.

A common misconception for any first-time or amateur boxer is that mastering an accurate jab, cross, hook or uppercut comes as easy as twining the boxer braids in your hair pre-session. The physicality is one thing (hello increased cardio fitness levels and core strength) but the mental concentration shadowboxing requires takes skill and a mindful presence. For one of Sydney’s leading boxing and personal training duos, Zach Vickers and Siannon Pallister of Transpose Fitness, mental endurance is one of many aspects they teach their new clients. And with each session set against the iconic Bondi Beach as a backdrop, Transpose Fitness are known as the go-to trainers for fly-in-fly-out Australian and international models, among loyal clients of course. They train you hard. They push you even harder and challenge what you mentally think your physical quota is. (Hint: It’s about a 60 second plank longer that you anticipated).

Sitting pretty on their client list is Nat Darcas. Jetting between Chic Model Management in Sydney and Two Management in Los Angeles, the American-born, French-speaking full-time model and part-time nutrition student stops by Bondi to train with Transpose when she gets the chance proving model retention is high in this business. “Discipline is a characteristic that shines brightest when you hear of the focus and determination that Darcas has,” says Pallister. “Although life is hectic and stressful at times, her constant drive is never wavered and her smile never diminished.”

Photography: Shot exclusively for GRAZIA by Zach Vickers

Here, Vickers shares his workout he tailored for Darcas. 


4 mins of jump rope at an easy pace 


1 min at an easy easy pace 

1 min 10 sec sprint (high knees) followed by 10 sec moderate tempo rotation

(Complete for a total of 8 mins) 


5 X 3min rounds with 45 sec recovery 

Footwork specific cone drills focusing on angle changes and pivot variations


10 X 80m beach sprint with 1 min shadowbox at finish line (holding 1kg dumbbell)

Recover and repeat for a total of 10 rounds.


Stretch and ocean dip

For more information on Transpose Fitness, go here.

Photography: Shot exclusively for GRAZIA by Zach Vickers