As anyone who’s dated Taylor Swift knows, if you fall in love with a singer you’ll probably have a song written about you.

Nicole Kidman knows it too. She’s been the inspiration for a stack of husband Keith Urban’s songs, such as his 2006 track Got It Right This Time, in which he sings:

She believes in me like I’ve been trying to do, I’m seeing things I’ve never seen before / Ever since she came into my life, I’ve been a better man…”

But recently, a particular song of Keith’s about his wife, Gemini, has been raising some eyebrows over the fairly blatant descriptions of their sex life in the lyrics.

In one verse he sings:

She’s a maniac in the bed
But a braniac in her head

And in another:

She’s waking to make love in the middle of the night

So, how does she feel about it? Does it make her uncomfortable? And if so, why wouldn’t she just tell Keith to scrap the lyrics, because she’s Nicole freakin’ Kidman?

As the Big Little Lies star explained in an interview this week:

“I don’t censor his art. If I can be a muse for it,” she said.

“It is embarrassing, but at the same time, yes it’s better than saying, ‘God, I’m so bored…Make an effort, Nicole.'”

True that.

As if we needed further proof that Nicole and Keith are one of Hollywood’s coolest couples. After her lingering kiss right in front of her husband with Big Little Lies co-star Alexander Skarsgard (who the actress later described as a “mannequin”), Nicole and Keith hung out with their mannequin friend at Paris Fashion Week. Tres sympa.

Another unique thing about Nicole and Keith? They have never texted each other. For real.