Dry shampoo aside, there hasn’t been a product to revolutionise the hair market quite like Olaplex. At its conception and launch, wary industry insiders (myself included) were sceptical about this new “miracle product”. Another one, we collectively thought. However in the case of Olaplex, such a hypothesis was not so, and it indeed did behold miracle powers (particularly for blondes), multiplying bonds and cross-linking broken ones. But, there’s a new way to use it. Enter Olaplex Water. 

“It’s all about the Olaplex water.”
Super colourist Michael Kelly declares. And he would know. Having just stepped off the flight from LA, and with those Cali stars still twinkling in his eyes, Michael worked under the masterful hands of celebrity colourist Tracey Cunningham, where Olaplex water was championed at her MèCHE salon (a breeding ground of star power). The latest treatment for celebrities and ‘it’ girls alike, Olaplex Water is an abbreviated, but equally potent way to embrace Olaplex.

“Basically it’s a water treatment from Olaplex where you add Number 1, which is the strongest variation of Olaplex, in with water,” explains Kelly. “You saturate the hair with it, then towel dry it into the hair. Then any basin work you need to do on top is in salon. It eliminates the wait time with putting Olaplex 1 into your colour, and having to wait 20 or 30 mins.”

Less product, less wait time, the same excellent results? This is our new favourite H20.

Screen Shot 20170902 at 114631 pm
Flawless blonde by Michael Kelly using Olaplex water
Credit: Instagram, @michaelkellycolourist