For Australian influencer Molly X, framing the world’s bright palette – and it’s flat-lay Instagram-worthy money shots – involves a good eye, attention to detail and a strong vision. Every photograph is considered; The ornate architecture of Osaka Castle in Tokyo, the ancient cravings of the White Temple in Thailand, a high tea in Sydney – the list goes on.

But between the scrolling and double-tapping of every day life, Molly surprisingly has had an issue with inclusivity when it comes to choosing the right frame. And in this instance, her problems relate to finding the right glasses that will fit her beautiful Asian face.

“I have a low nose bridge and high cheekbones so it’s quite hard for me to find something that fits my face well,” says Molly. “When I’m working, it’s quite annoying adjusting my glasses all the time when they fall off my face. They don’t fit well around my ears and are always quite hard and uncomfortable to wear.”

Yes, in a world where the key messaging surrounding women involves the word ‘equality’, where we have heralded the arrival of darker shade foundations (Hello, Fenty Beauty) and award seasons tout and shout the need for every race to be represented, it comes as a surprise then that this notion doesn’t fully extend to the eyewear market. Until now. Enter OPSM’s Alternate Fit Range.

“OPSM’s Alternate Fit Range have adapted nose pads, to make sure my frames fit my face properly,” explains Molly. “But the number one thing is that there are so many styles. You can have functionality without compromising on style. It’s important in the market place.”

Tiffany & Co., Prada and Ray-Ban are just some of the brands OPSM offer alternate fit options for, both in reading glasses and sunglasses. As an influencer, Molly is well-versed in communicating trends to an audience. “I usually go for a round lens, it suits everybody’s face, is fail safe and is absolutely the basic pair that everybody should own,” she says. “If you don’t know what to go for, go the round lens.”

For the braver and spirited among us, Molly recommended the cat eye frame. “I like both the modern and retro style cat eye sunglasses,” she says. “If you’re not into this, take a look at OPSM’s patterned range, a big trend on the Spring 19 runways.”

Offering alternative fit services beyond the simple adjustable nose piece on standard fit glasses is something we hope to see spread like wildfire across the eyewear market in Australia. For those who don’t have a parallel face

(read: everybody), for the ones who get awkward cheek indents or whose ears are slightly uneven, shop the Alternative Fit Range now.