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From jewellery, clutches, phone cases – the personalisation craze has reached fever pitch in fashion, and now your beauty bag about to get the bespoke treatment too. From Le Labo’s customised fragrance service to tailor-made lip shades at Sydney’s The Lip Lab, niche brands were quick to tap into the personalisation wave, with bigger brands now getting involved too. 

“It’s the question everyone is asking when they come into a store these days, not only what’s the best but also what’s the best for me,says Cammie Cannell, Vice President of Global Education and Customer Experience for Kiehl’s. “It’s that best for me that’s so personal and powerful.” 

Kiehl’s have recently released a range of tailor-made serums, Apothecary Preparations, which are created in-store according to each customer’s specific needs and skin goals. “Apothecary Preparations allow us to take a closer look at someone’s individual skin and to help them find the ingredients that are just right for them, meaning the final product contains everything they need and nothing they don’t.” All serums start with a squalene and lipid-based concentrate, before being spiked with two targeted complexes that treat different issues, be it redness, wrinkles, rough texture, large pores and dullness. 

Kiehl’s, Apothecary Preparations, $140. Available in-store here

You can play chemist at home too thanks to the latest line-up of skin-changing boosters, designed to be dropped into moisturisers allowing you to customise your formulas even further. Whether you need a deeper hit of hydration, a dose of anti-oxidants, a pore-tightening treatment or some brightening vitamin C, these pure anti-aging boosters can  quickly customise any routine to give your complexion just what it needs.

DR DENNIS GROSS SKINCARE, Clinical Hydration Booster, $99. SHOP NOW

DR DENNIS GROSS SKINCARE, Clinical Concentrate Radiance Booster, $99. SHOP NOW
COVER FX, Custom Infusion Drops – Radiance, $78. SHOP NOW
Paula’s Choice, RESIST C15 Super Booster, $62. SHOP NOW
Philosophy, turbo booster c powder, $47. SHOP NOW

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Tinted moisturiser converts will worship the pure liquid pigment drops by Ardency Inn and Cover FX, which can spike creams, primers, oils and foundations to turn them instantly into a tinted base – simply adjust the coverage level by adding more concentrate. Or for fans of foundation, the clever people at Australis have created dark and light drops that can be added to your favourite formula to instantly adjust it to your skin-tone each season, or to match a fake tan. Genius!

COVER FX, Custom Cover Drops $72. SHOP NOW
ARDENCY INN, Americana Custom Coverage Concentrate, $55. SHOP NOW
Australis, match maker shade adjusting drops, $19.95 each. SHOP NOW

Meanwhile Kerestase’s customised in-salon ritual, Fusio Dose, touts a similar message when it comes to tailor-maid treatments for your hair. Base concentrates address your main hair concern – think dry, dull, weak or fine – while boosters addressing your second hair issue are dropped in at the basin for maximum potency right before application. Whether you’re after added shine, deeper nourishment, denser strands, extra smoothness or stronger hair – prepare for the results to be instant and addictive.