Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s whirlwind engagement came toppling down with the news the couple had split last week.

Their relationship, already cracking under the pressure of public attention and busy schedules, became even more strained following the death of Ariana’s ex Mac Miller – she became engaged to Davidson weeks after splitting from Miller in May.

Now, a friend of the Saturday Night Live star has spoken anonymously to the New York Post’s Page Six section about the unusual relationship.

The unnamed source said Davidson’s said the coupling was doomed from the start.

“I don’t think they ever got the chance to really get to know one another,” the insider said.

“I never thought that relationship would last. I rooted for them, but . . . it’s damn near impossible to have a serious relationship when you have everyone following your every move.

“He’s a private dude who feels more at home being on stage doing comedy in small clubs and being around close friends and family.

“Being in a relationship with Ariana meant jumping into an entirely new world from his,” he said. “He would always joke about how he was out of her league — and yeah, he really believed [it].”

Meanwhile, another friend said Pete isn’t giving up on hope of a reunion.

“He’s still in love with Ariana and sees a future with her. [But] he knows [the breakup] is for the best.”

The God Is A Woman singer has confessed to struggling with anxiety since the split, and is taking a break from social media.