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Kate Bock is as down to earth as they come. Discovered at 12-years-old in her hometown of Canada, she views modelling for what it is – “I’m a clothing hanger. I there to show off the outfits or bathing suits” – and not the vapid world Instagram would have you believe. When she finished school, she travelled to Paris to model full-time and impressively studied French until she was fluent and was able to work better with the crews she was around every day. While you may recognise her from The Lonely Island’s Jack Sparrow music video or as Cavaliers basketball player Kevin Love’s girlfriend, the 29-year-old model works for coveted commercial giants Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret. This party season, to celebrate GRAZIA’s 80th birthday, Bock appears on the cover of GRAZIA Australia.

GRAZIA: What was your favourite part about shooting GRAZIA’s cover in Greater Palm Springs?

BOCK: “We had such a fun shoot in Palm Springs! We shot in August, so it was beating hot sunshine and lots of fun with our crew.”

G: How did you first get into modelling?

B: “I was discovered when I was 12-years-old at a swimming pool by my mother agent, Liz Bell, in my home town of West Vancouver, Canada.”

G: We’re just getting to know you. How would your friends describe you?

B: “Hmmm good question! Warm? Thoughtful? Always down to do a work out!”

G: You grew up in Canada. Tell us about one of your favourite family past times.

B: “I feel so lucky to say that I got to spend my winters skiing as part of my PE class in school and a lot of time up at Whistler with my family.”

G: After graduating school, you moved to Paris. What was the biggest cultural shock when you got there?

B: “I was lucky! I actually went to French Immersion School, so when I moved to Paris I could speak and understand everyone which made it such a fun transition!”

G: You’ve worked with Victoria’s Secret, is your aim one day to sport a pair of wings?

B: “I think that’s every model’s dream! Keep your fingers crossed for me!”

G: What was your experience like working for Sports illustrated?

B: “I’ve been shooting Sports Illustrated for six years now and they really are like family. Family where you get to go on the most amazing trips all over the world with!”

G: When prepping for a shoot, what does your daily exercise regime and food regime look like?

B: “I really try to eat light and clean all year and keep my work outs pretty consistent. It can be hard when I’m traveling a lot, but we really don’t get a lot of notice for shoots! I do “The Sculpt Society” in New York and I have the sliders that we use in class so I can follow the work outs wherever I am! They’re my favourite work out accessory, easy to travel with and a great gift!”

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G: You have a penchant for eating healthy. What is your favourite meal to cook/share with your boyfriend?

B: “I love salmon. It reminds me of home and is super easy to prepare clean.  I just cook it with salt and pepper and make a little fresh avocado salad, tomato and basil and that’s dinner!”

G: You live between New York, Los Angeles and Cleveland. What is your number one beauty tip when flying?

B: “Hydration is key when traveling! I have a little beauty cosmetics case that lives in my weekender carry-on bag. I have travel-sized everything and make it a point to buy a few extra for friends and family because travel-sized beauty products are a traveler’s best friend.”

G: When you are always on the go, how do you keep your energy up?

B: “I drink a lot of coffee! I travel with my favourite little snacks and make sure to always drink lots of water! I try to sleep whenever I can when traveling somewhere far away and where I jet lag will inevitably set in. Little naps on planes, trains, hotel beds!”

G: What was meeting Barack Obama like? What did you speak about?

B: “I didn’t get a chance to speak to him unfortunately! But I think Michelle was the real star of the show!”

G: You’ve said in the past, “I’m a clothing hanger, I’m there to show off the outfits or the bathing suit. I appreciate that for what it is.” How important is staying down-to-earth in this industry and not taking yourself too seriously?

B: “It’s very important to not take yourself too seriously in this industry! It can be harsh but it can also be a lot of fun. I think just finding how you feel best and not comparing yourself to other people is the main thing you need to focus on.”

Steven Chee.
G: What is something people would be surprised to learn about your job?

B: “We’re alone, a lot. I think it can look like girls are always traveling with friends or other models to all these amazing locations and just hanging out. Instagram can be very misleading!”

G: What is your best piece of advice you have for younger women looking to get into modelling and score lucrative contracts?

B: “Drink lots of water, be good to everyone you meet along the way, show your unique self!”

G: What is the most challenging things about your job?

B: “The amount of time wasted in airports and on planes!  It’s also pretty tough when you’re far away in a foreign land and no one you’re working with speaks your language.