The invitations to the wedding of the year – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s May 19 nuptials, of course –  have started to drop.

If yours, like mine, is yet to arrive (any day now) at least there’s social media to see what an invitation to the most talked-about event of the year looks like.

As one etiquette expert has pointed out, the important little square of paper makes a subtle reference to the fact Meghan is divorced.

While Kate Middleton was referred to as a ‘Miss’ on the invitations for her wedding to Prince William, Meghan’s honourific is ‘Ms’.

William Hanson told the Mail Online etiquette dictates a divorced woman should be referred to as ‘Ms’, never ‘Miss’, and that the royal family has “never before” acknowledged the honorific ‘Ms’.

“The royal household, in particular the Queen, has never before acknowledged the honourific Ms, regardless of whether it was being used to signify a divorced woman or one who did not feel her marital status was of importance,” Hanson said.

“It was first used in connection to Meghan in the November engagement announcement and since then has been used throughout the royal household’s communications, on press releases, invitations and social media.”

Meghan married film producer Trevor Engelson in 2011 in Jamaica, but they went on to divorce in 2013.

Around 600 people will be in attendance when Harry and Meghan marry at Windsor Castle on May 19, with millions more around the world expected to watch.