When you hear the term “model-turned-wellness-influencer” it’s easy to picture images of impressive yoga poses, green smoothies, pristine sports luxe outfits and the occasional celebrity running event.

Indeed, Melbourne-based healthy model Steph Claire Smith ticks all of those boxes with some of her Instagram images, all beautiful ones at that, but this video of the star who boasts 1.3 million followers proves she’s got some seriously tough training hours under her belt too.

Fitness influencer Steph Claire Smith wearing Everlast. (Supplied)

In a series of images and short film captured in a one-off collaboration with serious activewear brand Everlast, Smith showcases some seriously impressive boxing skills. Captured at The Gym in Yarraville, Smith showcases some seriously impressive boxing skills, putting in powerful sets on the punching bag and boxing pads held by ex-professional fighter turned trainer Will Tomlinson.

As anyone who’s ever tried or even excelled at boxing knows, there’s no faking your skill set in this sport. Her speed, power and coordination prove this by no means her first rodeo. (Editor’s note: R.E.S.P.E.C.T.)

Fitness influencer Steph Claire Smith wearing Everlast. (Supplied)

“The days when I push through the haze are the days that I feel most alive,” says Smith of her penchant for gritty, sweaty, intense workouts which have helped sculpt her healthy physique and her reputation as a fitness authority. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it.” 

The boxing focus of the shoot is a nod to Everlast’s heritage in the sport, and the fact that its wares are ideal for serious, high-energy workouts, without sacrificing style.

“I love that it’s an old-school boxing brand, it has that tough ring heritage, but the new ranges look so great as well,” says Smith. “For me, it’s also lifestyle gear.”  Just like her boxing prowess, it’s a fitness fashion sentiment you can’t fault.