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There’s currently six conspiracy theories surrounding Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s relationship romancing the internet. They range from Swift wanting to be the next Bond girl to Hiddleston using Swift to be cast as the next Bond. Then there’s the accusation the singer is taking advantage of public PDA to deflect from Kanye’s West’s outlandish attempts to bait Swift.

The most gripping theory, however, was penned by an E news journalist Holla Passalaqua, who suggests Swift is filming a music video or multimedia visual release (a la Beyonce’s Lemonade) with Hiddleston as the leading man. Passalaqua even delves deeper by pointing out that the pictures of the pair gallivanting across Europe and kissing on the rocks in Rhode Island are all strangely from the “same photo agency that’s been lucky enough to get so many exclusive shots.” More damning evidence can be found via Swift’s recent Instagram shots where she posted photos of her fourth of July party at her Rhode Island mansion. Take a look.

Swift has hired a stellar all-star cast
Names include Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Ruby Rose, Martha Hunt, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne and Este Haim. She even cast her best friend Abigail. How nice of you, Director Swift.
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There’s a matching costume cupboard
Blue, white, red is the colour-way of the finale track for the music visual, obviously.
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Credit: Instagram @taylorswift

Ruby Rose will play stunt-woman


The hairstylist has been given one brief
And the two words: “Beach hair”.
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The collective social media reach of the cast is over one hundred million
Just like her social media strategy in the Bad Blood video, Swift has only cast those who have in excess of 100K Instagram following. This will ensure maximum reach.

There is no mention of the leading man so as to keep to PR strategy
Swift herself is keeping Hiddleston off her Instagram so as not to give any hints away of the music video’s love story.

But it appears one cast member slipped up by posting a pic of hiddleston! Britney LaManna, you’re outta the squad.