Image credit: Getty Images

It seems a shared love of tearing up the dance floor might be what ignited the romance between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston.

After they enjoyed a spontaneous dance-off at the Met Gala last month (back when she was still in a relationship with Calvin Harris and we thought it nothing more than an innocent boogie between friends), now they’ve been sprung busting some moves again – this time at Selena Gomez’s Nashville concert on Tuesday night.

The recently outed couple were spotted cutting some shapes in the crowd (safely tucked away in the VIP section, obviously) along with Swift’s friend Abigail and her boyfriend, Matt. The body language between Taylor and Tom speaks volumes – the Thor star was seen throwing his arms around his lady’s waist (which drew plenty of attention of its own in a red two-piece crop top and skirt ensemble) and pulling her close at every opportunity.

Another concertgoer captured them leaving together after the show, and Swift was only too happy to wave at screaming fans while Tom looked somewhat bemused.

Looking back at the footage of Taylor and Tom from the Met Gala, it suddenly seems so obvious there was a spark between them. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.