Praise the Lord; the Met Gala 2018 has delivered some of the best beauty looks to date. From the holy to the hellish; the hair and makeup was as spectacular as it comes. Here are some of our favourite (and most polarising) beauty looks from the Met Gala.

Lily Collins
Arguably the most breathtaking beauty look of them all, Collins cried crystal tears at Confession, and shed a single bloody tear for the Church.

Kate Bosworth
A divine beauty look, Bosworth makes a strong case for blush, whilst her hair is parted down the middle and slicked down across the forehead, like a parting of the sea.

Selena Gomez
Disastrous perma-tan aside, Gomez’s souped-up lids by Hung Vanngo were spectacular; loaded with glitter from inner corner to outer wing.

Cara Delevigne
Magenta-tipped hair, canary yellow shadow above the brow, neon pink blush rounded to the jaw and a berry lip: Delevigne’s beauty look was nothing short of extravagant.

emily ratajkowski
Gilded to perfection, Ratajkowsi answers our beauty prayers with this look. Sculpted cheeks, strobed skin and that delicious glittery lip; Amen.

Solange Knowles
Those glossed-up lids, that chunky bottom lash, that elaborate halo – it’s a little heaven and a little hell, and we love.

Priyanka Chopra
Pati Dubroff ‘s entire Chanel look ties in beautifully to Chopra’s intricate Mantilla veil; rich jewel tones and incandescent lids make for a stunning beauty look.

Gisele Bundchen
For the supermodel, it seems all that glitters is gold, as Hung Vanngo dusted the sparkly stuff all the way around the eye with glee.

Janelle Monae 
A GRAZIA frontrunner, Monae’s beauty is flawless; bold brow, red lip, gold lids and cheeks, the look is offset under the gilded peak of her hat.

Nicki Minaj
Makeup was kept relatively simple for Minaj; an exaggerated winged line, bold brows and huge false lashes

Blake Lively
Sent from the heavens, Lively was soft and angelic with a tea rose stain, wispy up ‘do and golden crown.

Alicia Vikander
Looking like a Choir girl, Vikander’s look was holy and pure, with the exception of some artful liner around the eyes, subverting virtue, albeit slightly.

Ecclesiastical from Pope Hat to toe, Rihanna’s beauty look took a slightly different direction, dancing with the devil. Super smudgy, sparkly and frosty, brows were bleached as the ultimate statement.

Jennifer Lopez
For Lopez, all the classic J.Lo beauty tropes were there; deep contour, baked complexion, colossal lashes and glossy toffee lips, the only difference was a dusting of sparkly copper both atop and under the eye.

Hailey Baldwin
Instead of going to heaven or hell, Baldwin went to communion; pretty in pink and white. Hair was rinsed in rose and adorned with a garland of fresh flowers and lips were shell pink to match.

Kim Kardashian
Kardashian took her classic beauty look and amped it; eyes were blacker, lashes were bigger, hair was longer – it was classic Kim.

Zoe Kravitz
Kravitz kept it tonal with dusty pink across lid, cheek and lip, whilst hair was pinned back and affixed with an embellished black bow.

Jasmine Sanders
Sander’s hair was stellar; a lofty plait entwined with fresh red roses, satin rosebuds, velvet ribbon and tied at its tail with clerical golden cord.

Bella Hadid
For Hadid, it was all about the hair, particularly that pious ribbon. Slicked back into a tight bun, the cross-encrusted ribbon wrapped around the hair and fell long by her waist.