Cast (if you can) your mind back to 1999. When the news topic of the moment was Y2K (would our Apple Macintosh’s explode come midnight NYE!?), the gossip was the tussle for popularity between Britney and Christina’s No.1 hits (Baby One More Time or Genie In A Bottle? Genie, every time) and the hottest fashion must-have was the Skechers ‘Energy’ trainer.

Chunky, sporty and cool this iconic Gen Z shoe was repped by the two pop stars and, thankfully, safe from any Y2K threat. Flash forward to 2018 and the good people at Skechers H.Q. must be feeling the nostalgia because 90s are back, baby, and now they’ve got the footwear (as well as Gen X’s answer to Christina Aguilera, Camila Cabello) to prove it.

Britney Spears Skechers campaign circa 2001 and Christina Aguilera’s circa 2003
Pop superstar Camila Cabello in the Skechers D’Lites. Instagram @skechers

Re-released this year as Skechers ‘D’Lite’, this chunky-treads OG is being snapped up by celebrities, style stars and influencers alike. The major normcore sneaker trend of the past year has sent even the most avant garde of design houses like Balenciaga, Acne Studios and Yeezy into Dad-trainer-making spins (some of which have definite ‘Energy’ throwback vibes).

We’ve seen this look on the likes of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, worn with ironic 90s ensembles to major festivals and even paired with high end dresses to the front rows of fashion week. For once, heels are so second row. Burrrrn.

Super lightweight and with a sleek new makeover, the ‘D’Lites’ might be the footwear chameleon your wardrobe has been looking for.

Here’s just some of the ways to style up your chic new kicks…


High fashion, low riders

Instagram @skechers

A chic two-piece with eclectic accessories and the shoe of the moment? This look is equal parts stylish and comfortable. Thank you 2018, and style star Julia Friedmann, for giving us (and our feet) the trend that looks as good as it feels.


Skechers D’Lites ‘Now And Then’ in white and silver,  $119.99, SHOP NOW 


CLASSIC chic with a twist

Instagram @skechers

As worn by Burcu Ergin an ensemble of linen blazer, hardy high-rise demin jeans and simple tee is a never-fail smart-casual look. Add to this a black pair of chunky trainers to give it that street style edge.


Skechers D’Lites ‘Runway Ready’ in black and gold,  $119.99, SHOP NOW


new wave grunge

Instagram @skechers

90s festival threads are back in a big way, just look to chic Insta star Tegan Phillipa for inspo. Unexpected textural contrasts by way of velvet, lame metallics and layered hardware is made modern with sculptural kicks.


Skechers D’Lites ‘latest trend’ in white and gold, $119.99, SHOP NOW 


sleek athleisure

GRAZIA’s exclusive take on the hottest trainer of the now? Athleisure as fashion’s new uniform. This look is less about gym sessions and more about unrestricted style, however. Moveable, sexy and monochromatic it’s perfectly anchored with cool, throwback trainers.

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