At Anna Quan, the hair direction went swimmingly. Head Stylist, Byron Turnbull, worked with Kevin Murphy and Edwards & Co. to achieve an updated, understated take on the fishtail braid. Long-banished to the hair wardrobe of the youthful festival-goer, Turnball and co. cast a new light – or line – on the style; intricately weaving delicate golden fishing wire at unexpected turns throughout the plait. It twinkled down the runway, like light refracting on water.

It was resort hair done right; inspired by a nomadic spirit, that euphoric state of seemingly endless vacation and of course, the collection. “We spoke to Anna when they were still in the finishing touches of the collection. Jade and myself came up with the hair direction based on what the collection was looking like. It was beautiful silks and beautiful clothing, lightweight textures. So we wanted the hair to have that floatiness to compliment,” muses Turnball.

The Anna Quan girl needed to have that “effortless, resort-style hair”, the kind that moves seamlessly from sea to sundowner. “She can be wearing it next to the pool but she can also be wearing it on the runway. We are doing things that have an olden day feeling and bringing a modern twist with the fishtail braid.”

Despite its apparent intricacy – the style was in fact not that complicated : “It’s a dry finger wave that’s pulled back into a fishtail braid that is then pulled out, and it changes alternatively depending on the hair texture and the length. Some girls have it pulled back into a high bun and some girls have the fishtail braid.” Long-time-collaborator, Alighieri, dug up treasure in gold and pearl which adorned ears and décolleté, and the look was complete.

Anna’s gone fishin’. And we want to, too.

HOW to
1/ Prep hair with ANTI.GRAVITY and blow dry smooth with the dyson supersonic.
2/ Taking a deep side part on the left hand side of the head.
3/ Section out the left hand side hair line and section away.
4/ With a small tong take parallel sections along the hairline, grab small sections at a time and curl the hair. Clip each section with pin curl clips.
6/ Once the small curls are cooled brush out with flat brush creating finger waves.
7/ Loosen the texture of the hair and push towards the back of the nape.
8/ Secure hair into a flat pony at the lowest point of the nape and use elastic to secure.
9/ Fishtail braid the hair and secure with elastic embellished with gold metal.
10/ To complete the look, twist gold wire through the braid.